Somewhere on Earth

by Railsplitter

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released June 15, 2014

Christian Golden - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Billy Maurer - Drums, Backing Vocals
Hampton Maher - Bass, Backing Vocals
Drew Butler - Guitar
Thomas Orgren - Lead Guitar on "6 Credit Hours"

Tracks 1-4, 6-7 engineered and mixed at Persona Non Grata Studio by Thomas Orgren.
Track 5 engineered by Carter Felder at Felder Studio with additional tracking by Thomas Orgren at Persona Non Grata. Mixed by Thomas Orgren at Persona Non Grata.
Mastered by TJ Lipple.



all rights reserved


Railsplitter Washington, D.C.

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Track Name: 6 Credit Hours
Like an asshole
I wagered everything I own
I played the way I played before
Like a boy who never grows
I’m waiting with the engine running on
She’s gone
I’m staring at the phone
I'm scared to death I'll die alone
Track Name: Communicant
We were born bent over and over
Borne aloft, they circle away
Belonging to your sunlight and clover
Wood and water hold us and pray

Done for
One day
But bright again along the way
Done for
One day
But fire grows in our graves

Everything you’ve shown me is holy
And everything we know will decay
There’s just enough time and it’s lonely
But in just a few moments, we’re made

We’ll be ashes someday
We’ll be ashes someday
Your heart will heal anyway
Your heart will heal anyway
Track Name: Sense-Making Practice
Turn on a dime
Make me a liar
Let’s fly blind
Beginning in wonder

You show what you don’t know
Try at all and fuck up
Has it been too long
Or am I all wrong?
I just wanted to be there

I don’t know what I can offer you
But I’m a fool and I can’t lie to you
I loved who came pouring out of you
But who is who?
Track Name: Orange Pear Apple Bear
Float away
Floating free
Please don’t wait for me
I don’t deserve such lovely company

Try my feelings on for size
I’m not strong enough for goodbyes
Smile at me right on through
I won’t say that I love you
Let’s pretend that I don’t have to
Every time you don’t say when, I die
I die

Always ready with a steady
Hand to sail an empty sea
Sick to death of being me
Starving in a land of plenty

You’re not in love if you don’t feel like
You’ve never been in love like this before
Track Name: "Somewhere on Earth tonight, my Tylla, there is a Man with a Lever, which, when he pulls it, Will Save the World."
Tomorrow please or yesterday
Tonight I can’t release or please or hide this injury
I wish I knew what you could mean
The words we chose betrayed you
Made a liar out of me

I’ll move you
I know how to

So what if we ran away?
I scared you and you scared me
Can we make that night
Turn out right on the wrong day?

So tell me you don’t want to see
I can’t handle all of what you want to say to me
We waited long enough to be
A future that won’t come true
I don’t trust you or me
Track Name: Water Babies, Water Wings
What have I been thinking in the deep end over there?
That I could turn that water into wine?
When you think of sinking, in the end it’s only fair
That what I thought was ours was only mine
Only mine

Another lesson learned, apparently no worse for wear
But everybody knows we’re full of shit
And notwithstanding where you’re standing now or how we’ll fare
From where I stand we get one chance
That’s it

Let’s see how far underwater we can go
Because we take to water like two babies wearing water wings
So baby just forget about the fathoms full of all these nasty things
Track Name: Greatest Generation
I’m outside at last and standing alone
The air I knew blows by and goes
It’s cold and nothing that I know grows
In fourteen years in the dark

Fourteen years in the dark
Fourteen years of talking to no one
Fourteen years we’re apart

Gilded and gold, missing a key
Heavy and old, bury it deep
I know just what you wanted for me
Those dreams were yours to keep for

Fourteen years in the dark
Fourteen years of being your son
Fourteen years of no one

You couldn’t make a home
I couldn’t even try

Down along the highway almost
Riding shotgun to your lonely ghost
Dead along the highway almost
Riding shotgun to your lonely ghost

Held onto your lonely ghost